So somehow I completely missed that the X-Files went the Buffy route and is doing season 10 as comics books?  The first volume is pretty good and myth arc-y.  The second one is about half myth arc and half monster of the week.  And apparently they’re still kicking out monthly issues.  To which I say … I’ll read those when they appear in another bound volume.

The above image is I guess a monthly cover, but it also appeared in the back of the first bound volume, along with a bunch of other neat art.


I have this weird feeling like I want to have short hair for the next two weeks or so.  Until I get bored with it.  Then I want it to magically go back to being long.  Unfortunately real life doesn’t work that way.

I keep having this weird feeling like my hair is in the way, even though it isn’t particularly.  I tried having short hair when I was 13 or so and it wasn’t good.  I guess I feel like I want to make some kind of drastic but temporary change but I don’t think I really have time right now.

I’ve been toying with some Halloween costume ideas that would involve hair dye … maybe then, if I am still feeling this itch.

Snowy geometer moth with damaged wing (Eugonobapta nivosaria)
15 June 2014

Cardinals are maybe my favorite bird.  I mean, yeah, raptors and hummingbirds and wekas; but cardinals are so bright and chirpy.  Their significance in Pamela Dean’s Secret Country books probably didn’t hurt either.

  1. Camera: Canon PowerShot ELPH 115 IS
  2. Aperture: f/6.9
  3. Exposure: 1/60th
  4. Focal Length: 227mm

What constitutes a gender-swap cover of Because the Night?  I think the answer is “It depends”, because the song has a complicated history, and Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen did sufficiently different things that you have to figure out which version the artist was covering, or whether they were mixing elements of both.  (The 10,000 Maniacs Version seems to be doing the latter.)

  • me: Time for "The Rapture"; I think I'll get some ice time. *fails will save and laughs*
  • my sweetie: Mmm. Rapture-flavored ice cream.


Kyle Roberts by Brian SelwayKyle Roberts by Brian Selway

Kyle Roberts by Brian Selway

This feature by Brian Selway featured the inked model Kyle Roberts, Kyle is just starting out in Modeling and we felt he was deserved of a place in our model gallery.

Enjoy the shoot, keep your eyes peeled for more from Kyle.

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I went looking to see if a ceramics artist named Kyle had had his stuff tumbled before (apparently not) and found an entirely different dude named Kyle on a blog devoted to men’s underwear design and male models.  That’s so tumblr.  <3  (There’s more background on the model and photographer at the original post.  I snipped it to keep the post short -ish.


Did you know that Two-Mix had a song that played at the end of The X-Files when it aired in Japan? NOW YOU DO!

Now you also know that it sounds exactly like EVERY OTHER SONG TWO-MIX HAS EVER WRITTEN.

Ah, the 90s … when the portion of English-speaking anime fandom that was into giant robots and songs about relationship angst fell helplessly in love with Two-Mix.  I did, anyway, and looking at the two-mix tag here on tumblr makes me think I’m not alone.

This ad for the single is making me giggle.  Video quality is poor but the visuals are definitely supposed to evoke the X-Files.

TVTropes claims that "Love Phantom" by B’z and  "Unbalanced" by Maki Oguro were also used as ending themes.

This post has been brought to you by me looking for a distraction and deciding that figuring out what that mission control sample in "Love Formula ~Freedom~" was from would be a good one.  (The answer is apparently Friendship 7.  And amusingly, they’re still doing this; you can hear a different sample at the beginning of their latest single.)