that when you have a book whose protagonist has your uncommon first name, keeping the book is kind of a moral imperative, provided that you like the story even a little bit.

My sweetie and I joke about ice tennis sometimes, but apparently the inventor of lawn tennis actually thought that would be a good idea.

In a hard frost the nets may be erected on the ice, and the players being equipped with skates, the Game assumes a new feature, and gives an opening for the exhibition of much grace and science.

Reading a tennis book that I’m probably going to get rid of, and I came across this:

Fred Perry: “Certainly I agree that the four-handed game, well played, is the art of lawn tennis at its finest.”

Except my brain stopped processing normally after “the four-handed game”, and read all the following quotes euphemistically too.

René Lacoste: “It is owing to modern ideas on court position in doubles that a doubles match is often considered more attractive, more amusing, and more varied than a singles match.”

Maurice McLoughlin: “I venture to say that doubles requires a greater variety of strokes …”

Art by Maxwell Rush Beehner.  Appeared in issue 5 of The Original, a Pitt student magazine which may or may not still exist.   (Too lazy/busy to look, but the web site was defunct as of yesterday.)

 Yesterday I’m flipping through a book i picked up at a library sale in the hopes that it would help me identify the origin of a glass goblet I picked up at a tag sale (it didn’t) when this text catches my eye —

One of the most amusing pieces of pressed glass is the Minerva pickle dish, which bears the inscription “Love’s Request is for Pickles.”

And of course I’m having a hard time believing that, so I go looking, and I found that.  The dish above actually depicts an actress named Kate Claxton; the Minerva design looked like this (from here):


Put this on the list (with “Sunny Came Home”) of songs that sound pretty and inoffensive and are destined to be played in shopping malls over and over but are actually pretty creepy when you pay attention to the lyrics.  (Also, Natalie Merchant in a suit?  Excuse me … I need a minute to pull myself back together.)

Operation Migration Pilot Brooke Pennypacker leads whooping cranes as they leave a field near Somonauk, Ill., at sunrise, Thursday morning, Oct. 27, 2005. Operation Migration has worked since the late 1990s to reintroduce migratory whooping cranes to eastern North America, using ultralight aircraft to guide a new flock of cranes each fall from the Necedah Wildlife refuge in Wisconsin to Florida’s Gulf Coast.  Tom Sistak/AP.


Giraffes Zagallo (L) and Beija Ceu or “Sky Kisser” stand together during a “wedding ceremony” at the zoo of Rio de Janeiro April 16, 2008.   Zagallo was taken from a zoo in Sao Paulo to marry Rio’s only giraffe.  (Sergio Moraes for Reuters.)



Enjoy your day! 


45 years ago today these three men inspired the world with their bravery, skill and example; Thanks Mike, Buzz and Neil.

Damn straight.

P.S. Also, Crowley?  No one believed you.  Even though maybe we laughed.