Someday, when I take over the world, it will be illegal to ruin dramatic TV scenes with inappropriate pop songs.

But also, sparing your dash.

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"I know enough to be aware that this bridge cannot have been spun by a vast steel spider out of its entrails, but no other explanation seems to me as plausible, and I have not the faintest notion of its use."
— Rebecca West, Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey Through Yugoslavia








The evolution of girl gamers

Boy gamers are so self-centered they act as though women haven’t been playing video games for decades, and then act horrified when the female gamers who have always been there actually become visible and vocal about the rampant misogyny that has infected the gaming world. 

Like seriously, how entitled do you have to be that women saying “it sure would be nice if I wasn’t treated like shit while enjoying the games I play” translates to “I must be catered to” when video games have LITERALLY been catered to men for decades? 

More like:

I didn’t get all the dates, but I think you can get the point.

Also considered posting my own personal gaming history, but I would’ve had to go back to the 80s for that. e_e

Been playing since I was old enough to hold the NES controller.

This chart does display some useful information, it accurately tells us how old the creator of the chart is. I’m guessing 24-25, which is way too old for this shit but explains why they seem to think girls only started playing games after he got out of high school.

Tumblr user catbountry makes an interesting observation.

Another useful observation? It was during the early 90’s that video games were becoming more aggressively marketed to boys.

So by 1995 the message that video games were for boys had taken root enough that you started seeing kids on the playground expressing befuddlement that girls could even play them.

So this chart tells us that this poor sap allowed himself to be so molded by advertisers that when the same girls he grew up with got old enough to be like “yo this is fucked up,” he cites his own experiences as evidence that they never liked them, despite the fact that those experiences were molded by advertisers chasing his demographic.

"You are wrong because as long as I can remember the vidya was marketed to me and now I’m noticing that you’re not happy about that."

You’ve been had, buddy. You’ve been played for a sap and you don’t even know it.

I was playing the game that’s the source of the background image well before the start date on this chart.  So seeing that used as the background for this makes me really pissed.  I was going to say that I don’t have words for how pissed I felt, but then I realized that I did.  It involves lots of swearing.

If anyone knows a word that means “realization that a creative project stumbled to a halt because you don’t own any giant robot toys” … I might have a use for that word.

I blame Supernatural.

The last two nights I have dreamed about vampires.  No, not sexytimes vampires. Not really my thing.

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So … I finally have watched all the episodes of Supernatural that have been broadcast to date.  To fill the TV void I think I am going to watch Stargate Atlantis.  If anyone reading this knows of a reason why I should not skip SG-1 and go straight to Atlantis, now would be a good time to say so.  (I do not think I can handle watching at least 7 seasons of SG-1 just for background.)

So a while ago I splashed a little water on my laptop while I was washing dishes and apparently shorted some things out: the h, g, apostrophe, up arrow, and escape keys ceased to do anything when pressed.  I ordered a replacement pretty much immediately but then it took me weeks to get around to installing it because uh … I’m dumb.  And lazy.  And I like to procrastinate.

What motivated me to actually swap in the new one?  A plot bunny that had been hibernating woke up again and started chewing on my arm.  And it is annoying to make notes about dialogue when you cannot type apostrophes in the usual way.


Graffiti on a construction sign on Friendship Avenue in Bloomfield that reads:

You’re a ghost

driving a MEAT-



  1. Camera: iPhone 5s
  2. Aperture: f/2.2
  3. Exposure: 1/622th
  4. Focal Length: 4mm
  • lrthreads: *puts on Pirates hat and smiles*
  • lrthreads: For just a few minutes? Everything is awesome and nothing is terrible.
  • lrthreads: Our mascot is wearing a tux. God bless opening day.